In existence since 2005, maggicalExpressions showcases the works of Richard Verry.

His artwork is available for sale. At the moment, an online sales gallery does not exist. However, feel free to send him a note if something captures your fancy.

His novels are available for your Kindle or your favorite eBook reader from Amazon, B&N, your favorite eBook retailer, and in Paperback. Oh, lest not we forget that his books are available for purchase directly from his website, Richard-Verry-Logo-trimmed


Richard Verry began life as the only son of a war veteran. As he grew, he discovered artistic talents in himself and in his parents. Dad was an excellent technician with the brush but did not have creative talents. Mom was incredibly creative and dabbled in many different mediums but lacked technical expertise in most media. Through osmosis, Rich blended their talents with his own, with excellent results.

Throughout his childhood, Rich doodled in class, at home and where-ever. He sketched fantastic ships that could travel through space, water, air and underground. As he reached puberty, subject matter changed while skills grew stronger. While he never received any formal training in the arts, he experimented with a variety of media and styles, including writing, sketching, drawing, and photography.

As an adult, earning a living took precedence over his talents. He married, went to college, and earned several college degrees in Information Technology. While this fed his creative side, he always felt something was lacking. Years later and after a divorce, he rediscovered his artistic side.

He began sketching, drawing and painting in earnest. He’s created quite a gallery of works which he exhibits and sells on his online gallery. He favors drawing and painting the female nude but has done many different types of pieces in various genres in in graphite, charcoal, oil paint, and watercolors.

He also began writing short stories but never thought about publishing any of them. Then, in 2012, he started working on an idea for a full-length novel. Dabbling off and on for several years, he wrote his firs book from an idea he stumbled upon several years ago.

After writing a concept, a future history, an encyclopedia of the universe, he finally finished writing ‘The Taste of Honey’. Initially, he didn’t expect to publish it, but the feedback on the story prompted him to decide to release it. After the success of ‘The Taste of Honey, ideas for several follow-up books followed, and he wrote the second book in the series. ‘Broken Steele.’ Book three, ‘Lucky Bitch’, is in the works.

Besides the ‘Mona Bendarova Advertures,’ he wrote the ‘Her Client’ Trilogy, ‘The Breakup,’ and his latest novel, ‘The Trafficking Consortium’. Now that he has found his passion, you can expect more books to come.

Richard Verry is an IT Engineer, artist, and author. His artistry includes written works and an extensive gallery of drawings, watercolor and oil paintings. He lives with his long-term girlfriend and partner Janet and makes their home in Rochester, NY along the banks of Lake Ontario in the northeastern United States. He hopes you enjoy his work and would appreciate a comment, good or bad.

Honest, thoughtful critiques are always welcome.

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